About the Founder & how Crafters with Love Began:

I am living with Fibromyalgia (FMS), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Celiac Disease, and hypothyroidism which in combination have prevented me from working since 2005. When I could no longer work I began teaching myself different crafts to keep my mind occupied and distracted from the pain I felt from my illness as well as the sadness from not being able to work. Finished projects began piling up and I really had no use for them myself, so I decided that I would begin to seek out various charities that could benefit from my talents.
Each month I have chosen a specific charity to personally work on projects for while promoting others by listing them on this blog & tweeting about them on Twitter. Recently I read the story of “Nick” and decided that his story was the only project I was going to do for the month and in asking for help for him.. Crafters with Love exploded with attention.

I always believe that things happen for a reason, and even though I spent a lot of time questioning why I would be given the gift of being a nurse to have it taken it away.. I now see that my love of people is being used in another way. I look at it as paying it forward. Someone was there to help me when I needed it most and now I get to give it back.
I hope that others will join in and continue to grow the efforts, but even if I am the only one working on projects for Crafters with Love, will always work very hard at doing what I can, and be proud of what I’ve done.

The Crafters with Love Mission:

What Crafters with Love does is use-crafting talents to supply those in need with cards, clothing, bedding, and/or raise donations to assist with other needs as appropriate.

Each month we pick a project to feature & then concentrate on it for the entire month. Whether it’s cards, crocheted/knitted clothing to send to orphans, chemo caps, blankets, or other needs, we spend a full month promoting and working on one charity.
We use other craft donations such as jewelry, candles, ornaments and such to help supply someone with Christmas/ birthday gifts or to raise money for either supplies for the projects, or in the case of this months project to help someone in financial need.

There is no requirement or limit for our crafters, we take whatever is given to us in any quantity. If you have a website/blog that you use to promote your work, we will happily add you to our crafters page and/or our social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, & Friendfeed.  This provides you with free advertising in exchange for your help.

Monthly projects are chosen by referral and Internet searches and are verified before featuring it on the Crafters with Love site.
Crafters with Love believe that no contribution is too small especially when it brings a smile to the face of someone in need.

With each contribution, it will be made known what the specific use will be at the time of the contribution. For example, people donating money will know exactly what the money is used for at the time of the donation.
Crafters will be made aware what their donated items will be used for also. If it will be auctioned for fund-raising purposes that will be made known in advance. Each person will know where their items are going and for what purpose at the time of the donation.

Crafters put heart, love & soul into their work and if you knit a scarf with a homeless person in mind, then the person that will benefit greatly from the scarf will indeed be a homeless person. THAT is what Crafters with Love goal is.. use our talents to benefit those that will benefit the most.

I sincerely hope you’ll join us!

Founder & Executive Director
♥Crafters with Love♥

“No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted” ~Aesop

Our Current Board of Directors:

John Lusher – President
@JohnLusher on Twitter

Kathy Caya – Vice President
@madtownbabe on Twitter

Roxie Hobart – Secretary
@petpaint on Twitter

Bev Wallace – Treasurer
@nursebevw on Twitter

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